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Locksmith Woodbridge

We can rekey locks in Woodbridge urgently but also schedule the service. It depends on your needs. In either case, our company will do a great job. Our techs are licensed, qualified, and well-trained. We have been rekeying locks for years as an alternative and cost-effective security solution. Our team offers on time service at reasonable prices. You can depend on Anytime Locksmith Woodbridge 24/7 if it’s urgent to rekey a lock.

Count on our emergency team to rekey locks quickly

We provide emergency lock rekey in Woodbridge, Ontario. It’s necessary to rekey the lock when its key is stolen or missing. It’s also vital to rekey the lock when the key holder is a recently fired employee or ex-tenant. In such cases, there is always the slight possibility the key holder or intruder will come to enter your property. In an effort to rule out such situations, we come to rekey locks urgently.

Schedule lock rekey with our company

You can also schedule the service with our company should you need an affordable solution for a new office or home. When the condition of the new property’s locks is good, there is no need to change them. What we need to do is key change instead to prevent ex-key holders from returning and entering your new home or office.

We can also install a master key system

Rekeying involves changing the pins of the lock to work with a new key. Our tech will cut the key replacement to fit in the newly rekeyed lock. But what we can also do is convert the existing locks into a master system. The idea of such high tech security systems is to operate several doors with one key while each door would also open with its own key. This happens by changing the configuration of the pins to work with both the master and change keys. If you want a master key system in the office or apartment building, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our locksmith is here to rekey locks in Woodbridge and take good care of your security needs. Whether for an emergency service or not, call us today.